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“Jerk Chicken Hotdog” is the latest innovation in street food with a twist on traditional Jamaican cuisine and an American Classic served in “Gourmet Style” ready for food enthusiasts far and wide to indulge in.

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Our Mission is to create Quality, Loved, Locally produced, fresh, Hand-Made Products. Providing high level catering services. We aim to Build a Solid presence in the Street food and restaurant industry. We also aim to keep our Menus Fresh, Unique and exciting.

Jerk Chicken Hotdog Notting Hill Carnival Party

What Is A Jerk Chicken Hotdog

A Jerk Chicken Hotdog is a Jerk Chicken Sausage, ethically produced using organic chicken and hand-made by our family run West London Butchery. There are No preservatives,  Just natural ingredients. The Jerk Sausage is grilled to tender perfection and added to a Sweet bread roll, where it is accompanied by Caramelised onions and crispy coleslaw and topped with our Homemade BBQ Jerk Sauce.

Jerk Chicken and ginger beer

Where to Find an “Original” Jerk Chicken Hotdog

We are currently operating at various Street Food Events and Street Food Markets and Festivals. Subscribe to our page for Live updates of our Locations and dates or check our Locations page.

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